Diary - July 2018

Did you know you can borrow a deck of peck cards from our Admissions to use as an aid on your way around the aquarium? They include every animal in the tanks plus a few non-living things! Just drop them off at our Admissions once you're finished!

Peck Cards Poster

A new face around our Shark and Ray Pool - this life size Mako shark model by Scott Gleed! Just in time for Shark Week! http://ow.ly/Dqzg30l1LJ9

Scott Gleed Mako Model

Shark week comes a-swimming in! We'll celebrate all things sharky 22-27 July with "jawsome" activities - check out the schedule below!

Shark Week 22Nd July 27Th July 2018

Clawdette the orange European lobster's young are growing fast! Now about 2 1/2 inches long, they've still mostly kept their mum's bright orange colour! Find them in our Hatchery!

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Check out our Director Frankie’s latest column for North Wales Magazine This month, it’s all about the big stuff...

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