Diary - August 2019

It's International Dog Day! Don't forget you can keep your four-legged friend nice and cool in one of our dog pens outside in the shade while you take a look at the fish!

Lola Cai in dog pen FB

The eight-armed Einsteins of the sea... Our director Frankie takes a look at #octopus in this month's North Wales Magazine!

Frankie N Wm Aug 2019

Our Shark Week has come to an end for this year! Lots of fun was had with educational sharky activities... We'll continue with other undersea arts & crafts, plus the Starfish Army every Saturday at 12.30pm until the end of August! http://ow.ly/mxEj50vws1h

Shark week collage 2019

It's soon time for Ring O' Fire again! This epic Anglesey coastal ultramarathon will once again have a checkpoint by our front gate on Saturday 31/8 so come cheer if you're in the area!

R Ing O Fire

We have some new arrivals! These crabulous Leach's spider crabs can now be found in our No Bone Zone together with their natural "roommates" in the wild, the Snakelocks anemones! The crab gets protection from predators by hiding among the anemone's stinging tentacles, and also feeds on leftover scraps of food!