Diary - February 2019

Not long now until St David's Day! Our lovely Rockpool Cafe is getting ready with delicious Welsh treats....


Winter in the aquarium:

This time of year, as the seawater is still quite cold, many of our animals will be less active and have less of an appetite compared to summer. This means you might have to look very carefully to find them in their tanks as they may not be out & about as much!

However, there's still plenty to see and find. For example, our largest conger eel is getting ready to migrate and reproduce! She's now so large due to the millions of eggs she's carrying that she'll be impossible to miss in her tank! Once the sea warms up a bit, we’ll release her so she can complete her final journey to West Africa!

Other early breeders in the aquarium include our tompot blennies and the sea bass: the blennies’ nest can be found inside the ceramic jug at the front of their tank in the Shipwreck, and if you look closely, you might event spot their tiny little eggs! In our Big Fish Forest tank, you might see bass with very large bellies – these are females getting ready to spawn and more than likely being followed around by lots of other bass!

An impressive sight this year are our Dragonets, with especially the males showing off their iridescent blue stripes and flaring fins!


Check out our director Frankie's new article in the North Wales Magazine - all about the bizarre creatures known as Goose barnacles!


We're delighted to be involved in The Long Forest Project with keep Wales Tidy and the Woodland Trust! The focus of their 3-year Hegderow Project is on improving hedgerows, an important wildlife habitat, in Wales - and so we planted some hawthorn along our fence! See also this lovely writeup in The North Wales Chronicle on our involvement in this project: https://www.northwaleschronicl...


We're working hard on improving the aquarium for the new season! We're cleaning and redesigning exhibits, moving animals around and touching up painting among other things - here's our artist Cerys upgrading our beautiful 3D jellyfish wall display!