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We love what we do here at the Anglesey Sea Zoo and looking after our animals is a priority.

Our doors have been shut for a large part of this year's tourism season due to the Covid-19 crisis but our running costs, daily care of the animals, marine conservation, marine animal rescue and other community outreach programmes still continue.

Your support is gratefully received - you can make a donation below!

Other ways to support us are buying a season ticket or an animal adoption.

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The support we have received so far has been amazing and we're incredibly thankful to everyone who's contributed!

We do understand there are more pressing matters currently in the lives of many people but as one of the longest standing attractions in North Wales, remaining a valuable local employer and a fundamental contributor to the community of Anglesey is very important. We want to continue to attract visitors from far and wide and to do this we need your help.

The decision to close earlier this year was a very difficult one, but the safety of our customers and staff and protection of our local resources had to be priority. As a self-supporting organisation we are dependent on the revenue generated from our facility and the generosity of smaller donations to continue all our work.

We know these are uncertain times for everyone, but we hope you will consider a donation to support us going forward and help us continue our work beyond the period of Covid-19.

Your support is more critical now than ever and we thank you for any help you can provide.