Suggestions for study

A visit to Anglesey Sea Zoo is ideal for allowing pupils to learn about and expand on topics related to marine biology, ecology and conservation, among others. These are some of the points you can research and discuss during your visit:

What is the sea?

  • Differences between salt and fresh water
  • How much of the planet is covered by water?
  • Tidal forces

Marine Habitats

  • Shore zones (upper shore, tidal zone, shallow water, deep water)
  • Rock pools


  • Evolutionary tree
  • How life began
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Classification, identification and ways of describing marine animals and plants

  • Plants, Algae, Lichen
  • Animals with skeletons/ no skeletons
  • Exoskeletons
  • Mammals/Birds/Fish etc
  • Cold-blooded/warm-blooded
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  • How do different animals breathe?
  • Gills/Lungs
Gilthead Bream

Marine animals' senses

  • Lateral lines
  • Barbels
  • Electroreception
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Camouflage and colour

  • Imitative/disruptive camouflage
  • View from above/below
  • Difference in colours between the sexes
  • Warning colours
Mwpa0025 Cuckoo Wrasse Labrus Mixtus


  • Location
  • Eggs/Fertilisation/hatching
  • Parental care
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Pollution and marine litter

  • Sources?
  • How can we reduce pollution?
  • Indicators of pollution
  • Consequences
Asz Beach Clean In Progress Aug08

Invasive species

  • Consequences
  • Different invasive organisms
  • What makes a species invasive?
  • UK invasive species
Carpet Sea Squirt Public Domain

Other topics

It’s not just science that can be applied to a visit here at the Sea Zoo. Why not incorporate other cross-curricular topics such as…

  • Maths- Collect data as you walk through the aquarium to analyse later. This can include quantities, shapes and sizes.
  • Art- Draw, sketch, colour and photograph the animals you encounter around the aquarium.
  • English- Use information you collect from around the aquarium to make presentations or stories.
  • Geography- Look into detail Anglesey and the location of the Sea Zoo. There are many geographical factors linked to this location.
  • ESDGC (education for sustainable development and global citizenship)- This can be covered by looking at anything from sustainable fishing to working with fishermen to create Marine Protected areas (MPAs).