At Anglesey Sea Zoo, we are committed to providing visitors a fun and educational experience. The amazing diversity of British marine life is often a surprise to visitors, as are the various challenges and threats it faces and the impacts of human activity on our seas. We aim to show you as much of this as possible while also doing our bit for the environment, and hopefully you’ll go home having learnt something new and exciting!

Educational visits

  • Anglesey Sea Zoo is a perfect place for an educational visit for groups and schools!
  • Educational packages such as guided tours, seashore safaris and diving displays are available to all ages and can be tailored to your curriculum (please note these must be booked in advance)
  • Downloadable workbooks are available to KS1, KS2 and Year 7
  • A great variety of topics can be studied during you visit – see here for suggestions!

ASZ Divding Jellyfish


  • We promote a variety of British marine wildlife and conservation issues during special events and weeks during the year
  • These include e.g. The Wildlife Trusts’ Marine Week and National Whale and Dolphin Week
  • During these times we run fun extra activities, focusing on the theme of the event
  • We also do fundraising for environmental charities such as North Wales Wildlife TrustMarine Conservation Society and the Shark Trust


Dividing Fish ASZ


Conservation & sustainability

  • Learn about lobster & seahorse breeding and biology in our lobster hatchery and seahorse nursery!
  • We support the Shark Trust and aim to educate the public about British sharks and the threats they face in the wild
  • We also aim to raise awareness of sustainable fisheries, working together with the Marine Conservation Society and sourcing our own seafood sustainably

ASZ Divding Jellyfish

Marine litter & recycling

  • We are committed to preserving the environment and reducing our carbon footprint
  • Plastic litter poses a huge problem to the marine environment, and you can learn more about it during your visit!
  • We are also working with Keep Wales Tidy and recycle our waste as much as we can. Recycling bins are available throughout the site, and we encourage visitors to make use of them
  • A beach clean is a great way of learning about marine litter and its impacts while making a difference! We conduct regular cleans on Tan-Y-Foel beach with the help of volunteers, see here for more information