Talks and Fish Feeds

The schedules for talks and feeding displays are posted at the Admissions as well as round the aquarium.

We can’t guarantee a feeding display every day, as the fishes’ appetite varies with water temperatures and the feeds need to be adjusted constantly. Most aquarium species eat a lot less during colder weather, so some feeds may not take place at certain times of the year.

Please ask a member of staff or give us a call beforehand if you want to know which days we’re currently doing feeding displays!

During busy periods it’s advisable to be at the talks about 5-10 minutes in advance to ensure a good view. Our staff are also more than happy to chat with you and answer questions after the talks!

(Times change, check our board in Admissions for more details upon arrival.)

Some of our talks!

Shark Pool Talk

Sharks are great, aren’t they?

Join one of our Aquarists at our Shark Pool as they talk you through the different species of shark at the Aquarium, as well as our rays!

(Please note that appetites vary depending on the water temperatures, so there may not always be a feed.)

Big Fish Forest (BFF)

Giant. Fish.

If this interests you, come on by to the BFF tank located near the Shark Pool to meet one of our Aquarists and learn all about the massive creatures in this tank!

(Talk times can vary, make sure to ask at Reception!)

Front Room Talk

Spiny Lobsters, Lumpsuckers, Wolffish and more!

Come and join our Aquarists in the front room of the Aquarium where they’ll talk you through the many species located in the front room, and answer any questions you may have!


“Just what is a strandline?”

Don’t worry, we get that question a lot!

A strandline is a hands-on approach towards the many things you are likely to find washed up and stranded on the beach!

Join one of our Aquarists and learn more about everything from shells and seaweed to even lobster moults!

(Our Strandlines are usually limited time events. Make sure to check out our Social Media or ask at the Admissions desk.)


Due to the ever-shifting appetites of the species at the Aquarium, we cannot guarantee you’ll see a feed.

If you do though, our Aquarists will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!